AndroidSouls | These days, there are so many people who use android. This useful item is very popular around the world. You may need android emulator for windows to perform any activity. Android emulator for PC provides you a platform on your PC to play some games and use some applications on your PC. There are many demands from the android users to be able to use some applications on their PC, so some developers create some emulators which are OS compatible and bugs free.

There are many variations of Android emulator for PC. This is a list of some Android emulators for Windows, including windows 7 and windows 8, but you should to know Android Emulator : Andavantages and disadvantages of android emulator.

1. BlueStacks Android Emulator
The BlueStacks is the best Android emulator for Android and iOS applications on windows. You can download BlueStacks installer in its official website freely. This Android emulator is only available for Windows and Mac. After installing the BlueStacks, you can search the apps automatically through the search bar. You can easily open the app that you want to play.
2. WindowsAndroid
WindowsAndroid is a good tool for emulating your Android operating system. You can download any application easily and quickly. It does not need complicated configurations. You just need to do double click on executable file.
3. YouWave Android Emulator
The YouWave is also known as a combination of the BlueStacks and Native Android emulator. The YouWave can run for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 touch freely. It has two parts. The left part shows some applications that are installed while the right part shows your smartphone screen.
4. Jar Of Beans Android emulator
Jar Of Beans is Android emulators for Windows which could work better on the Android Jelly Bean OS. It has high quality resolution. It can be downloaded from its official website. It is available for windows XP, windows 7, windows 8. And windows 8.1 touch

Click the links bellow to download Android Emulator For Windows
BlueStacks | WindowsAndroid | YouWave | Jar of Beans

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